Amanda Farmer

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Common Plumbing Issues That Need Professional Attention


There’s no way you haven’t experienced any plumbing issues at home especially if you’ve been living at your place for years already. However, some would shrug off these plumbing issues and think that it’s something that they can fix themselves but in reality, these are issues that need professional attention. Companies that offer plumbing services can be easily contacted when problems at home arise.

Plumbing issues need to be solved immediately else it can lead to more serious damage at home like appliances and furniture destruction. If left unattended, these issues can also pose safety risks to family members and colleagues. That is why it is important to know when to call your local plumber. Here are some of the issues you should watch out for at home:

1. Burst pipes


If you hear a rumble at home coming from your basement with water cascading and soaking your place, you better grab that phone and call for your trusted plumber. This is a serious case of burst pipes. There are two major reasons that can cause burst pipes. The first one is water pressure. When something in your house gets clogged or blocked, it causes a lot of pressure on your pipes, then it becomes too much to handle they expand leading to burst pipes. Possibly, it’s a clogged toilet or blocked water pump. So you should have them checked if issues like this arise.


Another possible reason is freeze. If you have not taken measure in checking your pipes before winter comes, it can lead to bigger problems. The water in the pipes exposed to frigid air will freeze and will lead to burst pipes. So it is important to make sure that you regularly have your pipes checked for maintenance to avoid such issues.


2. Blocked pipes and drains


The cause of blocked pipes or drains can depend on its location. If your drain is outside, it is most likely have been caused by dried leaves and other outdoor materials that can block the flow of water. If your drain is indoor, it is possibly caused by solid and heavy objects being flushed down into the drain. If left unattended, blocked drains can lead to worse disaster such as fouls smelling water, leaking roofs and ceilings and damage to electrical wiring.


3. Gas leaks


The number cause of gas leaks is a defective piping. If you start smelling something similar to rotten egg odor or sulfur, you better call your local plumber and have your pipes checked. Gas leaks are dangerous and can pose safety risks. According to some reports, in the last 3 years, there have been a thousand injuries reported due incidents related to gas leaks. This is why it is important to make sure that your pipes are regularly checked.


4. Leaky roofs


Leaky roofs can cause significant damage at home if left unattended. It can cause damage to furniture and appliances at home. There are many possible reasons that can cause roof leaks. It can be the age of the roof, roof vents, slope, debris, flashing, ridge cap, holes, excess moisture and more! The list can be endless but hiring the right plumber can easily fix the problem.